Thumb Book Page Holder
Thumb Book Page Holder
Thumb Book Page Holder
Thumb Book Page Holder
Thumb Book Page Holder

Thumb Book Page Holder


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Each holder is unique, with different type of wood, design or grain. 

Choose from:

Solid light wood: this category can include woods such as Maple, Cherry, Mahogany

Stripes: combination of 2-3 different types of contrasting woods.

Solid dark wood: can include walnut, thermally modifier hard woods.


For the true book lover who just can't put his or her book down for a moment.

Slide this ring over your thumb, and the short wings will hold your book pages open, allowing you to hold your book with one hand and sipping coffee, eating ice cream, or taking notes with your other hand. Time to turn the page? No problem. There is no need to detach any complicated mechanism as is the case with other book page holding solutions. Just lift your thumb and turn the page (don't forget to put down your ice cream first.)

These book page holders are light and travel friendly. Use them on the bus, train, plane or when you arrive at your destination, on the beach, on the sofa or in bed.

A great gift for teachers, librarians or anyone who loves to read books.

Each holder has a unique pattern and may include different types of hardwood.  Handcrafted. Made of 100% natural wood with a silky soft finish.

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